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Women get their mojo back

By Orla Ni Sheaghdha Key research in the link between sex hormones and brain functions is currently underway at Durham University. Scientists have discovered that there is a positive correlation between elevated levels of  hormones and performing mental tasks. These findings have come out of tests conducted on women currently involved in hormone therapy (HT). The […]

Literature is promoted in the UK as a means of exploring heritage

Literature is promoted in the UK as a means of exploring heritage The word “literature” has many different connotations. For some, it depicts shoolboys in Victorian workhouses or Regency women trying to land a rich husband. For others, it is an avenue for exploring human nature and the culture of a given author. The UK, […]

Medical innovations realise Avatar dream

By Orla Ni Sheaghdha James Cameron’s film Avatar may fall into the science fiction category but the idea of virtual bodies existing for people may not be as unrealistic as some might think. Technological advances in the medical world have brought forward the idea of “medical avatars” being used in the treatment of patients in the […]

Expansion of go-karting centre raises hope for businesses in recession

By Orla Ni Sheaghdha The most recent Spending Review handed down by the government means bad news for smaller businesses in Scotland. With cuts to public sector spending, many companies risk becoming insolvent. Scottish Enterprise offers advice for entreupeneurs trying to survive the recession, to combat this risk. Some smaller companies seem to be bucking […]

Boeing 787 Dreamliner test smoked

By Orla Ni Sheaghdha The latest setback in the development of Boeing’s 787 Dreamliner occurred yesterday when an aircraft was grounded over Texas during a test flight. The carrier made an emergency landing in Laredo when smoke was detected in the rear cabin, furthest from the cockpit.  The fourty-two crew members were safely evacuated with […]

Prisoners voting ban to be removed

By Orla Ni Sheaghdha The UK government faces lifting a 140-year old ban preventing prisoners from voting in general elections. The issue has caused much controversy in the House of Commons. Government ministers are uncomfortable in allowing those imprisoned to have a say in the running of the country. In 2005, the European Court of […]