Prose and Verse

Christmas Wish

This festive time of year Help to spread some good cheer. Give a friend a hug and kiss, Call the loved ones whom you miss. Wear your Santa hat with pride Take your sleigh out for a ride. Be yourself, laugh and cry; Wave the old year goodbye. My wish to you, big or small. […]

Flight to Inis Mór

I eyed the small plane with trepidation, bordering on anxiety. My weekend escape to the west coast had got off to a wet start, having stepped off the bus in Galway city to the teeming deluge, typical of the June bank holiday. The flimsy umbrella I had brought with me crumpled under the sheer force […]


The alarm rings, I hit the clock I look out of my window towards the dock. I put on my uniform and drag a comb through my hair, And wolf my breakfast in the kitchen downstairs. I run for the bus that brings me to school I barely catch it though I try to stay […]

First Date

I sat on a bench in the park reflecting on the day. I thought back to the first hour of that hazy morning when I was roused by the beep of my alarm. To the lunchtime text confirming our afternoon rendezvous. I remembered the nervous butterflies which guided me on the walk from my house. […]

Being A Star

Someone once said that music is the food of love and that dance is the essence of romance. I can’t recall who first spoke those sage words of wisdom but I do remember that it was my beautiful wife Emer who first said them to me. Indeed, the floated into my mind as I watched […]


Banging doors, raised voices Shouting wildly, echoing through  corridors, “It’s time! It’s time!” Racing hearts, running footsteps, Dancing to a chorus singing, “It’s time! It’s time!” Pounding heads, blood-filled ears, Listening to the desperate cries, “It’s time! It’s time!” Burning flames, rushing water Bursting through a dam, “It’s time! It’s time!” Fires blazing, floods rising […]


                                                 Questions                                                                    What are questions?                                                  How did they come to be?   Did they appear out of thin air?   Were they born,like you and me?                Why do we have answers,   To questions that we ask?    Do we treat it as a feat,    Or some difficult task?       What do questions mean? […]

An Apology

I’m sorry I left the way I did last night. It was immature and insensitive. I should have been aware of your needs, Instead of thinking of my own selfish thoughts.   I’m sorry I broke your expensive DVD player. I should have controlled my animal instincts. Instead of acting like a mature adult I […]