First Date

Royal Botanic Gardens LondonI sat on a bench in the park reflecting on the day.
I thought back to the first hour of that hazy morning when I was roused by the beep of my alarm.
To the lunchtime text confirming our afternoon rendezvous.
I remembered the nervous butterflies which guided me on the walk from my house.
My eyes glazed over as I recalled how wonderful he looked sitting on the bench, his golden hair shining like a beacon in the sunlight.
The warmth of sitting beside him, despite the mild September wind, set my heart beating like a drum.
It nearly jumped from my chest when he stole a tender kiss.
Sitting, talking about life, holding hands.
When the sun began to set we parted ways.
That evening, I returned to the place of my first date with my first love, reliving that first perfect day.


2 comments on “First Date

  1. what a beautiful, “pure” post. I can relate to this!

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