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Flight to Inis Mór

I eyed the small plane with trepidation, bordering on anxiety. My weekend escape to the west coast had got off to a wet start, having stepped off the bus in Galway city to the teeming deluge, typical of the June bank holiday. The flimsy umbrella I had brought with me crumpled under the sheer force […]

San Pellegrino

I will never forget the first time I tasted San Pellegrino. The hiss of the bottle as I untwisted the cap and the bubbles crashed to the surface. That glorious fizz tickling my throat as I tasted luxury. I was never one for sparkling water but as soon as the bottle touched my lips I […]

An Apology

I’m sorry I left the way I did last night. It was immature and insensitive. I should have been aware of your needs, Instead of thinking of my own selfish thoughts.   I’m sorry I broke your expensive DVD player. I should have controlled my animal instincts. Instead of acting like a mature adult I […]