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   What are questions?                                               

  How did they come to be?

  Did they appear out of thin air?

  Were they born,like you and me?            


 Why do we have answers,

  To questions that we ask?

   Do we treat it as a feat,

   Or some difficult task?


    What do questions mean?

    In what order are they said?

    Do they run through our brains in order to drain

     Out the thoughts that are in our heads?


      Can we find them in the school?

      Can we find them in the home?

       By the way, if you’re tired of questions

        I suggest you stop reading this poem.


         Can we live without questions?

          I often stop to say,

          Well no we can’t because if we ask questions,

           We will learn more and more each day!


           “What’s the meaning of this poem”,

              I think I hear you ask

              Well did you ever stop to think,

              Without questions life would be a difficult task?


                If we had no questions

                How could we find things out?

                 The things we need to know

                   All about.


                  And what if you were travelling,

                   To somewhere far away

                   If you couldn’t ask for directions

                    You could be stuck for days.


                    So if you get fed up with questions,

                     Open this book and take a glance

                      At my poem and then,

                      Give questions a second chance.


One comment on “Questions

  1. I wrote this poem when I was 10 years old and I was trying to think of a subject matter. I hadn’t read too many poems about questions so I figured I’d write one. I ended up winning the Jim Craven Poetry Award in 2000/2001 with this entry!

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