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Banging doors, raised voices

Shouting wildly, echoing through  corridors,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Racing hearts, running footsteps,

Dancing to a chorus singing,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Pounding heads, blood-filled ears,

Listening to the desperate cries,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Burning flames, rushing water

Bursting through a dam,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Fires blazing, floods rising

As disaster is impending,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Gales howling, thunder rolling

Lightning etches into the sky,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Hurricanes whirling, earthquakes shuddering

Reaching fever pitch in answer to the exclamations

“It’s time! It’s time!”

A quiet breeze, a deathly voice

Passes over the carnage and casualties whispering,

“It was time. It was time.”


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