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A few reflections on childhood

When I was a young girl, I always had a fascination with stories. As an adult now in my mid-twenties, that fascination has only increased with a tendency towards nostalgia. I’ve always enjoyed hearing about my parents’ childhood experiences and even those of my older siblings which I would have been too young to remember, perhaps not even yet born. To that end, I reflected on my own early childhood and thought I would share some of my own experiences. Continue Reading »


First Date

Royal Botanic Gardens LondonI sat on a bench in the park reflecting on the day.
I thought back to the first hour of that hazy morning when I was roused by the beep of my alarm.
To the lunchtime text confirming our afternoon rendezvous.
I remembered the nervous butterflies which guided me on the walk from my house.
My eyes glazed over as I recalled how wonderful he looked sitting on the bench, his golden hair shining like a beacon in the sunlight.
The warmth of sitting beside him, despite the mild September wind, set my heart beating like a drum.
It nearly jumped from my chest when he stole a tender kiss.
Sitting, talking about life, holding hands.
When the sun began to set we parted ways.
That evening, I returned to the place of my first date with my first love, reliving that first perfect day.

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Being A Star

Someone once said that music is the food of love and that dance is the essence of romance. I can’t recall who first spoke those sage words of wisdom but I do remember that it was my beautiful wife Emer who first said them to me. Indeed, the floated into my mind as I watched my captivating partner dance around the kitchen one Saturday morning. A smile slowly crept its way up my lips as I looked upon her. Her small bare feet moved seamlessly across the cold tiled floor in time to the lively swing music pulsating from the large radio on the counter. Continue Reading »


Sport: A Valuable Asset In Our Lives

Sport. Something which many people don’t place a lot of importance on, but in reality is one of the most valuable things in life. Whether you are merely a spectator or full on athlete there are several reasons why sport should be valued. As well as bringing people together in a social context from all walks of life the health benefits to be derived from it are second to none. This is not limited to physical health. I know from my own experience that being active has an enormous part to play in mental health. Continue Reading »

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Banging doors, raised voices

Shouting wildly, echoing through  corridors,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Racing hearts, running footsteps,

Dancing to a chorus singing,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Pounding heads, blood-filled ears,

Listening to the desperate cries,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Burning flames, rushing water

Bursting through a dam,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Fires blazing, floods rising

As disaster is impending,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Gales howling, thunder rolling

Lightning etches into the sky,

“It’s time! It’s time!”

Hurricanes whirling, earthquakes shuddering

Reaching fever pitch in answer to the exclamations

“It’s time! It’s time!”

A quiet breeze, a deathly voice

Passes over the carnage and casualties whispering,

“It was time. It was time.”

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   What are questions?                                               

  How did they come to be?

  Did they appear out of thin air?

  Were they born,like you and me?            


 Why do we have answers,

  To questions that we ask?

   Do we treat it as a feat,

   Or some difficult task?


    What do questions mean?

    In what order are they said?

    Do they run through our brains in order to drain

     Out the thoughts that are in our heads?


      Can we find them in the school?

      Can we find them in the home?

       By the way, if you’re tired of questions

        I suggest you stop reading this poem.


         Can we live without questions?

          I often stop to say,

          Well no we can’t because if we ask questions,

           We will learn more and more each day!


           “What’s the meaning of this poem”,

              I think I hear you ask

              Well did you ever stop to think,

              Without questions life would be a difficult task?


                If we had no questions

                How could we find things out?

                 The things we need to know

                   All about.


                  And what if you were travelling,

                   To somewhere far away

                   If you couldn’t ask for directions

                    You could be stuck for days.


                    So if you get fed up with questions,

                     Open this book and take a glance

                      At my poem and then,

                      Give questions a second chance.

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How far are we willing to go in love?

In 1979 Freddie Mercury sang about a “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”. The lyrics of the song suggest that when it comes to matters of the heart, reason

How far would you go to catch someone's attention?

very rarely comes into play. In fact, more often than not, common sense goes out the window completely and people act out of character. Every romantic-comedy churned out by Hollywood seems to reinforce this idea. Continue Reading »

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Love Film, Love Food

Would you eat spaghetti bolognese while watching Saw?

Watching a movie without the right meal to complement it can be disastrous for your digestion. However, when done right, food and film can be perfect partners. Here are a few suggestions to whet your appetite.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s is one of the most iconic films of the 1960’s starring Audrey Hepburn as the delightful Holly Golightly. Miss Hepburn radiates glamour and charm throughout the film. Indulge in a glass of champagne or sparkling wine with some French pastry and fresh strawberries to heighten the romance of this classic. You’ll feel every bit as glamorous as Holly Golightly in her little black dress.

If your taste lies in foreign films Babette’s Feast is one for the collection. As the name suggests, this 1987 Danish film revolves around food. Protagonist Babette prepares a decadent feast in a token of gratitude to her neighbours. To get a taste of France to accompany this film why not try a glass of red wine with some paté spread on French bread followed by duck a l’orange. The rich food complements the sumptiousness of the film.

It is impossble to talk about food and film without mentioning Chocolat. The culinary partner for this flick is a no-brainer. It’s the perfect excuse to get your chocolate fix.  As Vianne Rocher discerns in the film everyone has different tastes when it comes to this delight. You may prefer to nurse a mug of hot cocoa or nibble on a piece of chilli chocolate or indulge in a bag of white chocolate kisses. Whatever your choice, indulging in this cheeky treat will add to the warm feeling this romance gives out.

It does not matter what film you are watching; if you do not have the right dish to go with it, the magic will be lost.


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FIT: The dance film that steps on homophobia

What would you get if you combined hit E4 shows Skins and Glee? The result would probably be very similar to FIT, a feature film produced by the charity Stonewall.  The film revolves around the lives of a group of six young people in London. They are all part of a sixth form college and cross paths when they join a dance and drama group in order to gain credits for school. The film focuses on the issues that each of these young people face in turn: the main focus is on their awakening sexuality and their attitudes towards each other. The content of the film is very gritty and deals head on with many of the problems surrounding homophobia. Continue Reading »

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An Apology

I’m sorry I left the way I did last night.

It was immature and insensitive.

I should have been aware of your needs,

Instead of thinking of my own selfish thoughts.


I’m sorry I broke your expensive DVD player.

I should have controlled my animal instincts.

Instead of acting like a mature adult

I behaved like a wild animal released from torture.


I’m sorry I kicked your dog as I went out the door.

I should have moved over to the other side.

There was no need to hurt the poor creature.

I hope his tail heals soon.


I’m sorry I put sugar in your car engine.

It caused a lot of damage to it.

I shouldn’t have stolen your hub cabs either.

It must have made driving very difficult.


I’m sorry I disconnected your phone.

It left you isolated from the rest of the world.

I shouldn’t have taken your mobile either.

I imagine it was expensive to replace.


I’m sorry I told all your friends your secrets.

I should have respected your confidence in me.

I probably shouldn’t have posted them up on the internet.

I hope the harassing e-mails have stopped.


I’m sorry I sold your summer house on e-bay.

I know it cost you a lot more than 99 cent.

I hope the new owners are nice enough

To let you rent it during the holidays.


I’m sorry I stole your credit cards and maxed them out.

I realise I left you in a lot of debt.

I hope your second, third and fourth jobs at McDondalds

Help you buy back your liver.


I’m sorry I broke your ribs and arms

I shouldn’t have beaten you up with that crowbar.

I, at least, shouldn’t have insisted on kicking you

When you were groaning on the ground.


I’m sorry you are currently residing in hospital

With no one allowed to visit you.

But while you’re alone, you can think about what will happen

If you ever call me vindictive again!